Before joining this trip, I will describe my life as a total mess. Sleeping at 6 am and waking up at 4 pm was my daily routine, a very unhealthy routine. However, the main problem of my life wasn’t my sleeping schedule, but what I did every day. After I woke up, I sat in front of my computer and start gaming, and that was the only thing I did for the whole day. I got told or scold many times by my mom and my brother, even my grandmother tried to tell me that wasn’t the right thing to do. I totally understood what they meant and I tried to change, but things didn’t work out as expected. I was acclimated to that environment and lifestyle, after I woke up, I will just automatically walk to my computer and sit down without any hesitation. Gaming had already merged into my life like eating and sleeping, I know that I needed to change, and to do so I will need a new environment to start off with and that is the reason I joined this program.

Adrian實習城市:上海 | 實習機構:上海紫盛網路科技有限公司

My main goals toward this internship were gaining working experience in marketing related work and mainly fixing my lifestyle. After this 1.5 month, I am quite satisfied with what I achieved during this period. For working experience, I didn’t expect too much because I had different working experiences before and I understood that as an intern, our main tasks were focused on basic jobs: excels, online research, organizing documents, etc. Those were exactly what I did for the previous months, but the only thing I didn’t expect was I got a lot of free time doing nothing after completed my task. For the lifestyle part, firstly for my sleeping schedule, I now normally sleep before 12 pm and wake up before 8:30 am. Secondly, I had successfully quitted gaming for the past 1.5month, yes, I did play some mobile game, but maximum 1 to 2 hours per day only, compared to over 12 hours per day previously, surely this is a huge improvement. Lastly, I also engaged in a lot of social activities during this trip, KTV, biking, watching the sunrise, room games or even Friday night drinking, all of these are not something I will normally do in Hong Kong. During all these activities, I was lucky to meet some friends that I believe I will stay in contact with them even getting back to Hong Kong. For many people, this lifestyle might sound normal to them, but compared to how I lived before, I believe that this is a very successful transformation in my life.

In conclusion, I am truly glad that I joined this program, it had completely changed my life and I hope I will continue to stay the same after going back to HK. I saw and heard a lot of people joined mainly because of working experience, but I believe the experience of living in a new environment independently is the most precious reward I received from this trip.